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I returned from Iraq 7 years ago and realized that life is simply too short to keep putting my photography dream on hold. I picked up my first digital camera in 2010 and sought out my passion. It's funny how you imagine doing something for so long and then it takes going to war to kick you into high gear about pursuing that one thing. I've loved photography since the day I held a 35mm Film camera in high school. I enjoy listening to and telling stories...love stories, life stories, all stories. As a wanderlust, I enjoy traveling all over the world and experiencing new stories from beyond my little town in good ole Neenah, WI.

So what is my story you ask?


I spent 4 years earning a Finance degree, several more years working in the corporate world in finance and accounting earning my MBA while also serving in the Army National Guard for a little over 12 years before taking my wedding photography full-time.

I met and fell in love with my husband over 10 years ago; and together, we made the most beautiful boy in the whole universe!

Timeless images that are clean, beautiful and fun are my thing! Upon request, I will pack along my 35mm film camera or medium format film camera for your wedding day. Just shoot me a note and we can make it happen. More than anything, I want to provide a pictorial history of your wedding day so that you can always look back on your wedding photos and remember the beginning of your love story. Cheers! And we will see you soon.

ColleenView More: http://shaunaeteskephotography.pass.us/stanley-walter Photo Credit: Shaunae Teske - friend and photographer

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