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Lifestyle Photographer | Adam Shea and Family

I feel especially honored when I get to photograph for fellow photographers. Adam Shea — of Adam Shea Photography has the most adorable family! His wife is such an amazing momma to these two girls and you can tell that she works so hard to care for them. Being a mommy myself — I know the drill. Hey Adam — no playing games here — I know that Daddy’s get…

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Videography Wedding

Wedding Videographer | Jill and Zach Teaser

I am so excited to share this Teaser for Jill and Zach!! Jill’s older sister Elyse got married a couple years ago and I was lucky enough to be her wedding videographer. So I was thrilled to join this amazing family and girl again for Jill’s big day!…

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Wedding Films Worth Binging On

As we creep into wedding season — I’ve got weddings on my mind…like all the time!! And seeing as I often spend time on my computer working on business, whether its emails or editing or marketing…I always need something playing to keep me company. And now’s the time when all the lovely dovey stuff comes out to play! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding movies,…

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Bloom | A Floral Workshop

Wow!! These ladies?!?!?! They rock! Lauren of The Flower Mill and Sheryl of Summer Lane Designs joined forces to bring Bloom: A Floral Workshop. This workshop was something that they dreamed up and really wanted to show that everyone with all skill levels could join in and create their own beautiful floral arrangement. I loved Laurens choice of florals…they smelled AMAZING and the colors were perfect for any person and…

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Lifestyle Portrait

Lifestyle Photographer | Bridgette Turns One

lifestyle photographer

I remember sitting down for a chat with Katie, owner of Erika’s Bridal Couture in Neenah, when she was pregnant with this little one. It seems like it was just the other day we were sitting in her showroom yapping away. And now, here we are…well over a year later and this little girl has turned the big O-N-E!!! I was so thrilled to be able to join Katie and…

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Lifestyle Portrait

Portrait Photographer | Hobb’s Woods Adventure

alyssa portrait

Zeus is the newest addition to Alyssa and Zack’s little family. So it was just fitting to try to sneak some quick photos in before he grew about ten times the size of Bowser. Lol. Since everyone loves outdoor time, we decided to hit up a new place. So we drove on down to Hobbs Woods in Fond du Lac which was perfect for Bows and Zeus. They loved running…

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Education Personal

Kreativ Workshop | Back to You

kreativ workshop

Creative Workshop lived and thrived! A coffee shop conversation over a 4-hour lunch turned into so much more. I could not have been so honored to share this workshop experience with my friends Shaunae and Alyssa. Today I wanted to talk a little about the workshop and some of the reasons behind it. The reasons why it was so important for me to really hone in on the topic I…

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Portrait Photogapher | Cool Blues Fashion

fashion photographer

Here’s my secret – blue was never my favorite color. BUT, I always always always loved this color in my home, in my wardrobe, in my life. But if I could pick one as my favorite color ever, it would have been pink, lol. However, I realized that I just don’t have a lot of pink in my life and thus — my favorite color has now become — BLUE,…

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Family Portrait

Sneak Peek | Lifestyle Photographer | Alyssa and Zack

lifestyle portrait

We spent a wee bit of time just running around and having a good time at Hobb’s Woods. The addition to their family was a must have “family photos” time. I mean…seriously. Zeus entered their family just a short couple months ago and already he has doubled in size!!! It’s going to be no time and he’s going to be ginormous!!! Bowser did a wonderful job hanging out and running…

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The Blue Wedding Dress

When I first saw this blue wedding dress I knew that I just had to have it. Why?!?! For absolutely no reason other than it was blue and beautiful and I wanted it, haha. So, the adventure began and I got this beauty within the last few months. For the longest time now, I used to watch shows and look at magazines and awww over all the beautiful outfits, dresses,…

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