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Ladies Night | Burlesque

I’m so excited to share some of the images from the latest Ladies Night, hosted by VAMP by AJ and The Draw in Appleton. Ladies Night is a free event for all ladies to get together, learn new skills, network, and just be fun and amazing boss ladies together. These ladies nights are held on the last Wednesday of each month. How cool is that? This last months ladies night…

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3 things no one tells you when planning your wedding

Cheaper is not always better I get this a lot!! Like…a lot a lot. Cheaper is not always better. I firmly believe that you should splurge on the things that really matter. However, that doesn’t mean spend the least amount possible on everything else. Because if you do that, you’ll find that you come up short in all those other areas and it will ultimately effect your wedding day…..and, even…

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Personal Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Fit for Wedding Season


As wedding season is fast approaching, I know that it’s starting to feel like crunch time to get in shape. Crazy diets or insane workout routines…yup….it’s all in there and I’m sure we’ve all tried it or at least thought about trying it. So…I confess, I too am trying my heart out to get in shape for my 10th wedding anniversary. Yup! And yes, I have possibly tried all the…

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February Instagram Giveaway Winner | Strong Independent Woman


THANK YOU to Alyssa and Anna Fine Jewelry and VAMP by AJ Artistry for being a part of this wonderful giveawayl! In February, people often get all caught up in Valentine’s Day. If they are single especially, they feel it the most. February’s giveaway was to celebrate that we as women can be strong and independent all on our own and that it’s okay. We don’t need to get caught…

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Ooh Shiny Art Glass | Necklaces

ooh shiny art glass

The other week I was so excited to finally put together some awesome photos for a friend of mine. Emilie with Ooh Shiny Art Glass. This girl is so talented with her glass artwork and I’m excited to see what she does with her business and all the cool places she’ll take it. So…I shared this secret on Instagram a little while ago and now I’m ready to share on…

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Kreativ Workshop for She’s the First | this world needs it

she's the first

It’s so important to me to push young women forward in life….to allow them to dream, hope, live, and be fearless! When I was a little girl, all my parents every asked from me was to be a good kid and eventually marry a man, have children, and be a good wife. My expectation as a woman was just that. They didn’t teach me to be strong, or confident, or…

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Burgundy Fox | Modern Lingerie Delivered

I am so excited to share a handful of images from the newest most exciting Subscription Lingerie Service ever!!! Burgundy Fox is so inspiring. It’s all about empowering women, and showing that lingerie can be for everyone. Breaking the status quo and killin’ it along the way! Not only does Leslie, the owner, source the most beautiful modern lingerie from premium brands, but she is passionate towards giving back as well.…

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Engagement Photographer | Hannah and Adan

engagement photographer

Boy oh boy this session was well worth the wait and reschedules!!! You can just tell. I mean…look at the stunning wintery trees!!!! Ahhh…I’m so in love with this session and had so much fun! It is truly unbelievable the garden of wintery trees that we found at Holy Hill. And the best part was that it wasn’t zero degrees either! I wish all my winter photos looked like these!!…

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For Photographers Portrait

Tuesdays Together March

One of my favorite times of the month this Tuesday!!! Tuesdays Together, where I get to spend time with other creative entrepreneurs in our local industry to discuss an overarching topic. And as we draw closer to the taxes deadline…why not talk about finances? This month was all about getting your ducks in a row and finding financial freedom. As a small business owner, it’s challenging to serve yourself. You…

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