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These are non-posed sessions where I get to just tag along to your home or favorite location and spend the afternoon getting to know your family and each other!! I want to capture you in your most natural element, enjoying a walk, chasing butterflies, feeling the sand sink away beneath your toes. That is what a lifestyle session is. So if you want to have those authentic images of you being you? Give me a shout!


The greatest joy is being a mommy!!! Truly, it is. I have loved it since the day I learned I would become one and have loved every moment since then. Bringing new life into this world is something huge and one to celebrate. I love documenting these moments and it even allows mommy permission to get all pampered! I know how it can be and sometimes its tough to try to put yourself together when you feel like a giant balloon!! haha. So, this is a perfect excuse to doll yourself up, have an enjoyable afternoon, and love and cherish your newest adventure!

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