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Here’s my secret – blue was never my favorite color. BUT, I always always always loved this color in my home, in my wardrobe, in my life. But if I could pick one as my favorite color ever, it would have been pink, lol. However, I realized that I just don’t have a lot of pink in my life and thus — my favorite color has now become — BLUE, haha. So, it’s no secret that I absolutely love photographing this color of people, places, and just about anything. It’s probably why I’m so in love with all things water. Any opportunity to head to the beach and take photos with the waves crashing in the back — I’ll take that any day!!!
So even though we weren’t at the beach, it still felt very beachy and summery with Chelsea’s outfit and quite possibly one of my favorite outfits ever from her looks. I know it’s not her typical boho look, but I just love it.

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