5 Accounting Mistakes Creative Business Owners are Making

Today I’m sharing 5 Accounting Mistakes that Creatives are Making. If you want more details and a more in-depth talk about this topic and how to really balance your business and get it going, join us at Kreativ Workshops on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at The Draw in Appleton. Tickets are on sale now. Email me personally to get a special link for a price break:)  Cash Basis vs. Accrual…

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Tuesdays Together February

tuesdays together

Another month and another wonderful Tuesdays Together meeting for our folks in the Appleton area!!! We were so lucky to have been hosted at Anagen 11, a super cool and amazing salon where the owners value the same feeling of Community over Competition and educating through creatives by creatives!! I mean, come on!?!?!? We can’t get much more on the same page as that. Not to mention the super cool…

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Rising Tide | Tuesdays Together | September Productivity

This month in Rising Tide, our focus in our Tuesday’s Together groups were to speak on productivity. Yes…I’m pretty sure everyone in the world is in need of this!! We all could make the most out of our day and we can all benefit from sharing what works and what doesn’t work to keep us on task. I was able to make it to both the Appleton meeting and the…

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