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Tuesday’s Together | Milwaukee Visit to Colectivo

This past weekend, I was in Milwaukee for an amazing Engagement Session. Little did I know, that I had left my entire bag of needed things at my friends place along with my glasses. Opps….my bad. So, I knew that a trip to Milwaukee was going to have to happen again for sure. So, in spite of my forgetfulness, I made the most out of it. Myself and Alyssa car pooled down to the Milwaukee Tuesday’s Together meet up and we got a chance to meet new friends, talk with more like minded folks and we even added some new instagrams and snap chatters. It was really great to hang out with a different Tuesday’s Together group in the spirit of community over competition and get to know another amazing group of people. OH!! AND…Colectivo by the lakefront is a pokestop!!! So..every 5 minutes or so, it would refresh and I could keep collecting goodies!!! How cool was that?! Many thanks to group leader Elizabeth Hasse of Elizabeth Hasse Photography for being a gracious host and welcoming us with open arms. So glad to have met in person and happy to have you in Wisconsin!
I did finally get my things from my friends place and then we drove back home. I’m glad we made the trip since I was feeling a little under the weather that morning but went anyways. By the time we got back, I completely passed out and slept right through the Tuesday’s Together in Appleton. Oi….but I guess my body needed the rest, lol. I even went to bed early on top of napping that afternoon/evening. Overall, yesterday was a great day and I could not have asked for a better person to spend the morning with and to have company on my drive. Thanks Alyssa!!!


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